John Jessup and “Free Bird” Selected as a Custom Build Artist Featured for Harley-Davidson’s No Show

John is an award-winning motorcycle custom build artist from Northern California. His designs have received Best of Show from industry leading events such the annual Sturgis Rally, first place in the Custom Classics category at UBCBS at IMS Long Beach, and first place at Chopperfest in Ventura. John is the owner of Team Dreamrides in Stockton, California.

Free Bird is custom built with parts Jessup uses every day in his bike shop. All of his custom designs go through a development phase that begins with understanding the desires of the rider community. He’s a visionary, driven by curiosity, imagination, and a passion for performance that transforms ideas into energy. Years of perfecting his craft, combined with persistence and determination, yield custom bikes built for performance, distinctive styling, and design. 


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